There are many pests that can enter a home, but none cause the level of damage termites can. When a home is infested with termites, it can quickly experience massive levels of damage. As the termites feed off the wood structures of a home, it can end up causing structural damages that make the home unsafe. This is why it is imperative homeowners are aware of the warning signs they need to look for so they will know termites are invading their home.

There are warning signs that can alert homeowners of termites. These include:

Shed wings in window sills resemble fish scales.

Termite damage may cause wood to sound hollow. The wood may also easily splinter.

Brushing back the mulch or leaves around a home may reveal termites.

Swarming termites may be seen around light fixtures outside during warm months.

Some species of termites make mud tubes leading up the foundation of a home.

If homeowners see any signs termites are present in a home, they need to make sure they call for Termite control systems. A pest control company can come out to the home and perform an inspection. This can reveal whether or not termites are present, even if the homeowner has not noticed any signs.


When termites are found in a home, time is of the essence for treatment. It is imperative both spray termiticides and bait stations are used to successfully rid a home of termite pests. This because sprays alone cannot kill the entire population.

Termites need to have bait stations so they can carry the termiticides back to their nests to feed their young. By treating the home for all stages of termite growth, homeowners can rest assured their property will no longer be in danger of termite damages.


To learn more about termite treatment and how it can remove termites and protect a home from infestation, visit A professional termite service is crucial for identifying, removing and protecting. Contact them today and schedule an inspection so termite issues are no longer a threat. The sooner termites are removed, the safer a home's structure will be.